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I am excited to announce that I will shooting with new gear in 2022. Of course I will still keep some favorite lenses and cameras, but Nikon has been switching over to mirrorless cameras and lenses that I will need for making my work more efficient and beautiful. At Nekocon I had already upgraded one […]

New Gear

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It was refreshing to be at Nekocon again. it’s a smaller con, but it has gorgeous colors and so many adorable cosplays! I feel like I could shoot at Nekocon all day, and I did most of the day on Saturday and was not stressed at all! I even got to hangout with friends afterwards. […]

Nekocon 2021


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It was amazing going to Otakon considering we haven’t been to a Convention in a long time since we’re in a pandemic. I was so happy to wait in line this time haha. The funny thing is while Daniel was holding my space in line, I was trying to find CVS again to snacks and […]

Otakon 2021