Ever since then I have been shooting cosplay and upgrading my gear each year haha. Also, I continue to learn and teach myself.  I do my best to grow each year because I want the best for my clients. When I buy something, I think about rather it would make my clients happy. Of course I am happy too! When I started shooting, I lived in North Carolina and I met my significant other who live in the DMV. Now I shoot in North Carolina and the DMV. It's fun and I have met so many friends traveling to different conventions

Around 2015 I decided to become a photographer. I actually became a photographer to shoot cosplay. When I was younger I got a new camera every year (mostly because I kept breaking them haha), but they were like the Barbie cameras for kids. I upgraded my camera to something a little better eventually. I never thought I would buy an actual dslr camera. One of my friends had one and I became obsessed with its capabilities and I bought the same camera as her since I knew I would like it haha


a little bit about

I edit your images to my style and you will get your images in 2-4 weeks uploaded to a beautiful online gallery.



We shoot for 15-30 minutes. My shoots go by quick! But, you still get tons of beautiful images to choose from.



We can discuss the meeting location a few weeks before the con. 



Contact me and fill out the sign up sheet choosing your time, package, and convention.



1. I am actually a mental health counseling major.

2. I am an ENFP personality type (Like Naruto and Luffy!)

3. My favorite animes are Efen Lied, Rosario Vampire, Reincarnated as a slime, Sailor Moon, Yugioh, Death Note, Tokyo Mew Mew, Baka and Test, and One Piece.

4. My favorite Pokemon is Charizard and Jiggy Puff!

5. I'm obsessed with the Powerpuff Girls and get excited when I see anything powerpuff girl related ^_^

5 facts about me


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