Shoots are usually 15-30 minutes because I am usually able to get great shots quickly! I tend to take somewhere between 50-100 photos per photoshoot so, it you choose the full gallery package, you'll have a lot. Sometimes it gets hard to choose which is why I have that option! I know I am indecisive haha. Check out the services page for information on pricing.

If you need a photographer, I am your girl! I'll be at Katsucon, Otakon, Ichibancon, Animazement, and Nekocon usually every year! This is something I really love to do so feel free to reach out! Feel free to message me about other conventions too! I am trying to broaden where to I travel to shoot. My style is colorful, vivid and typically bright unless your cosplay is in a show that is dark the whole time. In that case I try to darken it a bit to look cool!


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Hi I am Mary and I am a cosplayer like you!  and I've been a cosplay photographer for 6 years. I'm not too old though, I'm only 25! Lol I look forward to getting to know you and your favorite characters! I love seeing the creativity and diversity that cosplay brings. I can't wait to get to work work with you!

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